I've known Victor for about four years now, and it was a no-brainer, to hire his services via his new business, Victory Pest Solutions, LLC. Victor is very conscientious and honest. Even when not applying treatments, he often stops when in the area to assess how the various products are performing, and to make sure that there are no new invasions. If you want the best Pest control, you'll definitely want to obtain Victory Pest Solutions, LLC to protect your property

Gary B.

Tired of Feeling Outnumbered in Your Own Home?

Turn to a trusted pest control service in Onondaga & Lansing, MI

It's hard to relax in your home with dark shadows scurrying across the floor and scratching sounds inside your walls. Luckily, you can put pests out of sight and out of mind with emergency pest control services from Victory Pest Solutions LLC of Onondaga & Lansing, MI.

Our full list of services includes:

From bed bug treatments to rodent removal, we can do it all. Contact us today to get a free estimate on pest control services. We offer senior and military discounts.

Pests don't stand a chance against our pros

When it comes to stubborn pests, you'll want to work with a pest control service that goes above and beyond. At Victory Pest Solutions, we use highly-effective treatments to eradicate pests the first time around. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our customers by providing honest answers, affordable rates and quality service.

Call 517-888-4586 today to reach a reputable pest control company serving Onondaga, MI and surrounding areas.

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We'll be there when you need us

When you need prompt, effective bed bug, wasp or rodent control, make sure you hire a local exterminator who knows:

  • What kinds of pests live in your area
  • How to look for and identify local pests
  • How to eliminate pests and prevent them from returning

Victory Pest Solutions is a local exterminator you can count on. We offer after-hours emergency pest control services so you can feel safe in the event of an emergency.

Get the prompt pest control services you need by talking to our owner today. And be sure to ask about our weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual service contracts.